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Celebrating our first year as an Indigenous Australian Start-up

Happy one year anniversary to Téa&Belle

The odds were stacked against us, if you look at current stats around how many startups fail in the first year we should have been one of them. So how come we have thrived through the first year of business? Our community, you! Without the support from you, we would have been another statistic on the small business scrap heap.

Téa&Belle is a business with a mission, that mission is and will continue to be "a bespoke and beautiful Indigenous brand for every proud Australian"

This last year has been a roller coaster for all of us and to celebrate our first year in business we wanted this opportunity for our customers to have a walk down memory lane with us and for us to acknowledge and say a huge thank you for all your support this last year.

Téa&Belle - Our two little Kookaburras

Téa&Belle Australian Indigenous Brand

These two little kookaburra's were the inspiration behind the business and we have seen our girls grow in confidence and determination. From seeing the initial success of the company, both girls have learnt the value of hard yakka and have also started to conceptualise their role in the business (and no doubt others!) in the future.

Belle Cooper, one half of Téa&Belle Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Brand

Téa Devow

We have no doubt Téa will become a powerful businesswoman in the near future. Her love of networking and keeping an eye on the sales has kept us all on our toes this year.

Her favourite part of being in business is speaking at events about how Téa&Belle are going to change peoples perceptions and attitudes to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and culture. Téa has spoken at the Canberra Innovation Centre delivering been interviewed by ABC online, and continues to show leadership in all aspects of her life.

Belle Cooper, one half of Téa&Belle Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Brand

Belle Cooper, gets to see mum talking to suppliers every day, organisng books for the book club and sending out orders has started to take a keen interest in the social aspect of Téa&Belle.

Her favourite part of working in Téa&Belle is reading the Indigenous Stories on their Téa&Belle YouTube channel and then sending the books out to rural and remote schools and preschools.

Belle especially loves thinking about new products to develop for Téa&Belle and loves to be creative just like her Mum.

Belle is also a talented public speaker and was recently interviewed by Total Girl about Téa&Belle

Téa&Belle Indigenous Book Club

Our Community

Times are changing, those winds of change can be felt every time we post on social media and speak at events. The power of communities such as ours is changing the attitudes towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We have watched our community grow and strengthen throughout the year, we have watched with pride as people have purchased our Australian products. We have been amazed and grateful for all the wonderful messages of support and encouragement. And we have all been touched at how you have all engaged with the positive message of reconciliation that we are trying to promote. THANK YOU!!

" showcases that this year's NAIDOC theme applies across all inspiring ages. Keep paving the path girls" Mona M.

"You should be very proud of all they have achieved! I enjoy the natural scent candle every day, great for the soul " Liam T.

"....I love the idea of connecting with the cultures around me, especially in a country that isn't my own." Poppie C.

"The best customer service and personal touch! Love supporting small business, all the best!" Kirsty S.

"Wonderful and friendly service. Thank you I have a beautiful journal. Thank you for such a wonderful selection and wonderful service" Mary J.

"Just wanted to say how much we adore our Téa&Belle goodies! They are gorgeous and beautifully made" Belinda B.

Our Suppliers

When we started one year ago, we knew we wanted our products to be sourced within Australia wherever possible. There is so much talent in Australia that we want to embrace and share.

But we knew nothing about the difficulties and complexities of producing an Australian made product. We were so green, turning up to manufacturers doors and explaining what we needed, oh the looks we received at the start :) but you know what?

Aussie suppliers ROCK! Each and every supplier we have used has been utterly amazing and supportive. Once they heard what our vision was for our little company they assisted us in whatever way they could. Each supplier who manufactured products for Téa&Belle have gone above and beyond in helping us achieve our goals, and with so little manufacturing now done in Australia, it has been an honour to have these businesses become part of the Téa&Belle family.

Our Partners

We have been blessed with some really strong business partnerships for our little store.

We have always been committed to Téa&Belle learning about giving and helping others and partnered with Indigenous Community Volunteers to help support each others vision.

We have also partnered with Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, who are stocking our beautiful baby animal onesies for guests to buy.

And we have received amazing support from the Lendlease team, helping to showcase Téa&Belle gifts at their Christmas markets and continuing to support our little business.

We're also working with a number of Australian companies to develop new collections for Téa&Belle, and we can't wait to show you!!

Dion & Sally

ACT Australian of the year Dion Devow and business partner Sally Cooper, co-founders Téa&Belle Indigenous Brand

We haven't killed each other yet :)

Though seriously what a ride and we are so proud of our Daughters and the Téa&Belle brand.

From all of us here at Téa&Belle thank you for your ongoing support.

Join us and have a look back over the year that was.

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