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Why Téa&Belle are Committed to Organic, Fairtrade & Australian Made Products

Cotton & Clothing Production

Organic Fair-trade Australian Téa&Belle Baby Onesie

Cotton farming accounts for 2.4% of agricultural land worldwide yet it accounts for 35% of pesticide and insecticide sales, making it one of the most chemically intensive crops in the world to grow. The chemicals used in cotton production have a huge impact on air quality, soil quality, water quality and the health of farmers and people living close to areas where cotton is grown.

Farmers and workers who make clothing from cotton that is not organic are often not subject to liveable wages or fair and healthy working environment. Sadly, child labour is often used.

How is Organic Cotton & Bamboo is Different? Environment

Organic cotton is grown in a way which has a low environmental impact. Organic cotton is better for the environment because it is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides & fertilisers. Fair Trade

Not only is organic cotton better for the environment, but there are measures put in place to ensure fair working conditions for farmers and workers who make the clothes. They are paid a liveable wage and work in a safe and healthy working environment free from child labour.

Certification As one of the strictest standards in Australia, the Australian Certified Organic Standard brings together the requirements of national and international relevant standards so consumers have a simple choice when buying organic produce.

The high quality of the Australian Certified Organic Standard has earned equivalence with a number of international organic standards, including the European Union, for livestock and wine export, whereas Australia’s national organic standard hasn’t been able to achieve this.The Standard is upheld by regular and random annual audits of certified organic companies and products holding organic certification.

By purchasing organic clothing you are telling the world that you care about the ethical production of your children's clothes. You can feel proud that you are supporting brands who make sure that the people who make their clothes are treated fairly and are paid a liveable wage.

Australian Made

Téa&Belle Australian made Kangaroo Leather Journals and leather trifold wallets

One way you can practice conscious consuming is by buying products made here in Australia. Not only does this help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, it also has economic and social benefits as well.

Here are 5 reasons to buy Australian made clothing and giftware:
1. You get what you pay for.

While Australian made clothes tend to be more expensive, the products are usually of a higher quality. Large scale clothing manufactures have a reputation of cutting corners by using cheap fabric and cheap labour overseas. Clothes made here in Australia must meet the high Australian mandatory standard which ensures a higher quality in comparison with clothes manufactured in a factories in China or India for example.

2. Australian made means less carbon footprint.

It has become common for clothes to do a lot of travel before landing in the hands of the consumer. Often, the fabric is printed in one part of the world, assembled in another, and then sent to yet another to be sold. All this travel time requires shipping which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and uses a lot of resources. Through buying Australian made clothes, you are cutting out the middle man and reducing the impact your clothes have on the environment.

3. You are voting with your dollar.

It's no secret that consumers are driven by the price tag. As consumers, we seek out the best deal and generally conform to the idea that getting more for your dollar is good shopping. This way of thinking has instilled an ideology of quantity over quality which keeps the demand for products high and keeps manufacturers producing at a rapid pace. By buying Australian made products, you are making a statement that as a consumer, you want quality over quantity. Basic economics teaches us that supply and demand are directly correlated which means that if there is a demand for Australian made products, the market will shift to support that demand.

4. You are supporting the Australian economy.

This goes back to the power of the consumer. When we buy Australian made clothing, we are supporting economic growth within Australia. This also opens up employment opportunities for Australians because manufacturing jobs aren't being shipped overseas, where employment is often unethical.

5. And finally, Australian made more often means ethically made.

The reason the fashion industry has shipped their manufacturing overseas is so that they can take advantage of the cheap labour. Countries in Asia or South America for example have limited to no regulations on working conditions and as a result, factory workers often risk their health and face abuse with limited to no legal standing. Australia has strict standards for working environments which protect the health and safety of the workers. With the help of accrediting organisations like Ethical Clothing Australia, we can more easily find Australian made clothes and take pride in knowing that they were made ethically.

Always remember, conscious consuming does not mean you should go out and buy whatever you like, whenever you want. Conscious consuming actually means buying less, and when you do buy, looking for quality and sustainably produced items.

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