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Téa&Belle YouTube Book Club - Week 8

Téa&Belle Indigenous Book Club - Week 8 - The grumpy lighthouse keeper by Terrizita Corpus and Maggie Prewett

The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper

Terrizita Corpus

Illustrated by Maggie Prewett

This amusing tale takes place on a stormy wet-season night at the Broome lighthouse.

Meet Cassius the hermit crab, Jacob the jellyfish, Bruce the bluebone and more sea creatures as they head down the beach and race up the lighthouse staircase to escape a wild storm — all while the lighthouse keeper is out checking the lamp for passing ships.

When he discovers his bed has been taken over by slimy sea creatures, he is very grumpy. With fresh design complemented by beautiful illustrations, this new edition brings to life the excitement of the storm and introduces some of the curious sea creatures that live in this magical part of the world — the hermit crab, jellyfish, bluebone fish, octopus and turtle.

Belle adored this book and loved Trev the Turtle.

Meet the Author and Illustrator

Indigenous Author Terrizita Corpus and Illustrator Maggie Prewett. The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper

Terrizita Corpus is a Yawuru and Nyul Nyul woman from the Kimberly region of Western Australia. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood and works in the area of early childhood health and literacy.

Maggie Prewett is descended from the Ngarluma people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Maggie lives in Broome and her art is in collections throughout Australia.

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