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Week 5 Téa&Belle Indigenous Book Club

Teter Mek and the Mystery of Pearl Shell Island

Téa&Belle Indigenous Book Club. Review: TeterMek

Jasmin Herro

Kevin Lee

Age range 8 to 12


When a canoe crashes into the hull of the pearling boat Nimah after a huge storm, the crew is amazed to find a young girl aboard – but she’s lost her memory and can’t speak!

Is she an Islander?

Where is her family?

How did she end up there?

Follow Ben and Mimi and the rest of Nimah’s crew as they try to uncover the mystery of Pearl Shell Island the lost girl with no voice.

About the authors

Jasmin Herro is a multi award winning Indigenous businesswoman. When asked by her daughter about their Torres Strait Islander heritage, she realised that she knew very little about her own culture.

Teter Mek’s story mirrors Jasmin’s journey of discovering her cultural identity.

Kevin Lee is an artist, a writer and poet currently completing his Masters of Arts at University of Western Sydney. With his sister Jasmin Herro the pair has collaborated to co-write Teter Mek’s story.

Kevin is passionate about their Chinese and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

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