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Indigenous Kids Book Club - Week 3

Aboriginal Australia Childrens Book. "On the way to Nana's" Author Francis and Lindsay Haji-Ali - Magabala Books

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Ages 4 to 8

Frances and Lindsay Haji-Ali take us counting backwards from FIFTEEN to ONE on this spectactular journey in the far north of WA.

When Frances and Lindsay lived with their family in Broome, they often set out to visit Nana in the tiny outback town of Wyndham over 1,000km north.

These road trips took them across the magnificent Kimberley landscape and inspired this counting story.

On the way to Nana’s is a standout counting book. Counting backwards from ‘fifteen to one’ is a challenging concept for children to grasp.

Each double-page spread includes numbers and words and will enthrall readers, parents and educators as they find and count the objects on each page.

From bulbous boabs and wild brumbies to weary travellers, flying magpie geese and flowing waterfalls, David Hardy’s striking illustrations capture the awe and excitement of this special family adventure.

You can purchase this book through our friends at Booktopia.

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