February 11, 2018

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July 8, 2018

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13 Indigenous innovations that are truly amazing

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people were and still are one of the most technologically progressive civilisations in the world. Their adaptability under difficult circumstances is a testimony to their ingenuity. Enduring the diverse geography was crucial to their existence and as such needed equipment to assistance with thriving in these conditions. The extensive collection of Aboriginal innovations that we created show a profound sense about science and dature due to living in "on Country" and by watching the seasons and interacting with nature.


Here are some of the most important innovations that helped our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors thrive through Millenia.


Thermoplastic Resins


The first superglue!


Spinifex Grass is found in most parts of Australia. The resin is beaten out of the porcupine grass and grass trees. After this process, it is washed and heated it over a fire to create a sticky black substance that is heat sensitive, reusable glue. It was mixed with animal droppings, fur and charcoal and forms cement like properties.


This material that hardens as it cools was used to fuse spears to woomera's,  as it is water proof used to patch water vessels and water crafts such as canoes.


Today, the university of Queensland in partnership with Indigenous rangers from Camooweal are using Spinifex grass and resin to commercially manufacturer the world's strongest, thinnest condoms!



The Boomerang