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How Aussie Chefs Are Making Indigenous Food Cool - Sydney

“Food is a function of the soil, for which every country has the food naturally fit for it.” This is true for most countries, but not Australia (though it is slowly changing)

Australian food means that the plants, fruits and animals are grown and sustained by the Indigenous people of the land thousands of years. But with the colonisation of the British empire and the wave of different ethnicity coming in 1945 and beyond, the result is that Australia became, not just a multicultural country, but a multi culinary one. Native food was left by the roadside (literally) until early 80's when visionary restauranteurs Jennie and Raymond Kersh from Edna's table started to use native Ingredients at the lauded restaurant.

This is now changing, Today, more and more chefs, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, have taken it upon themselves to introduce Native ingredients onto their menus.. To sample some of these native ingredients not to mention delicious food we are showcasing restaurants from Australian cities so you know where you can get your Indigenous food fix. First stop Sydney

Biri Biri Cafe, Redfern &

Gardener’s Lodge Catering

Australian native food and Aboriginal cafe, Biri Biri, Redfern Australia

A charming pop up cafe located in Redfern, Biri Biri Cafe is another place where you can get your fix of snacks like quandong bread and finger lime bread. Sip some lemon myrtle, aniseed or wattleseed tea at this modern indigenous teashop.

Gardner's lodge catering run at Biri Biri is ran by Aunty Beryl, Gardener’s Lodge has been in the forefront of serving modern bush tuckers. Beryl Van Oploo has been passionate about making indigenous foods accessible to everyone in Australia.

The café is 100% Indigenous owned and Supply Nation accredited.

137 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016

The brainchild of Melbourne chef, Chef Paul Cooper, Bishop Sessa Bistro and Wine Bar boasts genuine paddock to plate practices. Nothing is wasted and everything is showcased and respected. Sample their different indigenous menus like lemony myrtle panna cotta with lemon thyme ice cream and pan-fried Mirror dory with smoked almonds.

Australian Native Ingredients used predominately at hatted restaurant, Bishop Sessa Bistro & Wine Bar, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

527 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

The menu showcases the authentic Australian-Chinese food that Kylie Kwong has made her own. The sweet, sour, salty, oceanic, peppery, tart, citrusy, bitter, floral and woody notes of Australian native ingredients have a natural affinity with the flavour profiles of Chinese food, and integrating indigenous produce into our cooking has allowed us to create a cuisine that truly represents this land and its people.

Uniting the friendliness and charisma of a local Chinese eatery with the energy of an open kitchen, Billy Kwong is a home for the community to get together, have a chitchat, grab a bit and gulp down some pick-me-up in a relaxing, caring environment.

Australian native ingredients are always on the menu at the five star restaurant, Billy Kwong in Sydney, NSW Australia

1/28 MacLeay St, Potts Point NSW 2011

Situated in Sydney's scenic Woollahra, Chiswick is all about a laidback style where ingredients are number one.. With several ingredients cultivated out of the window in possibly the the cutest restaurant kitchen garden, the menu is full with the latest season’s produce.

Chiswick at the Gallery is where high culture meets agriculture with many ingredients grown in the adjacent kitchen garden, supplying a delightful seasonal menu in true expression of Matt Moran’s ‘garden to plate’ philosophy.

Matt Moran knows how to do good tucker.

Restauranteur Matt Moran is inspired by Native Australian Ingredients

Want an amazing Australian meal in an amazing location? Chiswick at the Art Gallery of NSW

Chef Brent Savage’s subtle focus placed on native ingredients in the restaurant’s contemporary Australian menu has helped boost bush tucker to the plates of upscale dining enthusiasts.

We think this review on yelp sums up Bentley bar

Chef Brent Savage is committed to using native Australian Ingredients whenever possible in his restaurant, Bentley Bar

So while the debate rages on about who invented the Pavlova (Australia of course) why are we not embracing one of our native ingredients and design an all Australian recipe as our new national food emblem?

Next Food Blog we are taking on Melbourne dining scene

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