February 11, 2018

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July 8, 2018

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How Aussie Chefs Are Making Indigenous Food Cool - Sydney

September 21, 2017

“Food is a function of the soil, for which every country has the food naturally fit for it.” This is true for most countries, but not Australia (though it is slowly changing)


Australian food means that the plants, fruits and animals are grown and sustained by the Indigenous people of the land thousands of years. But with the colonisation of the British empire and the wave of different ethnicity coming in 1945 and beyond, the result is that Australia became, not just a multicultural country, but a  multi culinary one. Native food was left by the roadside (literally) until early 80's when visionary restauranteurs Jennie and Raymond Kersh from Edna's table started to use native Ingredients at the lauded restaurant. 


This is now changing, Today, more and more chefs, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, have taken it upon themselves to introduce Native ingredients onto their menus.. To sample some of these native ingredients not to mention delicious food we are showcasing restaurants from Australian cities so you know where you can get your Indigenous food fix. First stop Sydney




Biri Biri Cafe, Redfern &

Gardener’s Lodge Catering