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Debunking myths about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Peoples

We sometimes forget that children are hearing Adult conversations on TV, Social Media at other peoples homes.

Téa&Belle were having a chat about what where some of the things they had overheard about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders. We asked what their opinions where on these issues and their answers where perfect.

Some Australians say that Aboriginal Kids were taken away for their own good

Some Australians & Tourist say that all Aboriginals live in the outback

Some australians say that saying "sorry" once to Aboriginals should be enough

Some People say that Aboriginals are only good at arts and sports

some australians say that aboriginals receive millions of dollars

some Australians say that aboriginals go on and on about invasion day but it should just stay as Australia Day

Some australians say all the bad things that happened to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders happened in the past

some people say that aboriginals are lazy

some aboriginal people say that white people don't get our sense of humour

some aboriginal people say that white people are and cooks and don't cook meat all the way through

some aboriginal people say that because you're white you have lots of money

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