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Congratulations on being an early adopter

Congratulations for being an early adopter

Firstly, thank you to all who have arrived on the Téa and Belle Online shop, this means that you have come in the spirit of reconciliation and to support a new business.

It could also be that you may have completed an online Facebook survey about Indigenous Businesses and be one of the 3,368 people who told us that you had never bought from an Indigenous business but if given the opportunity would purchase a product or service from us.

You also told us that your biggest concern if buying an Indigenous product would be the fear that you may be seen as appropriating culture or that you weren't sure that an Indigenous person had made it and that you weren't told the story behind the product, the cultural significance.

Or you could have landed here through recommendations of friends, family or the media and you loved the look of the product, you liked the concept of the business or you are just having a sticky beak (we all do that :) )

So congrats to getting here. You are all early adopters to a new and exciting company and we hope you will come with us on the journey

Téa&Belle are launching with no start-up capital, but plenty of energy and expertise! The company is in response to the 4,525 survey participants and many others that have embraced the vision of Téa&Belle....people like yourself.

To be able to bring the products to life we will be adopting the same method as many tried and tested Online marketplaces such as kick starter and go fund me, the only difference is this will be done in-house at Téa & Belle.

These online marketplaces let creatives and entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas but only a small amount of capital to set up a project so the campaign allows people to invest in the product with a time frame so the company has the opportunity to manufacture.

We are using the exact same concept where, as early adopters like yourself can buy and invest in the companies first collection.

The process will be as follows to purchase Téa & Belle products

1. The first Téa&Belle collection will be open for sale for only two weeks from the 2nd – 16th July 2017.

2. Once the sales period is closed, we will be asking you to give us a grace period of 3-4 weeks for the products to be manufactured ethically by our producers and to deliver them to your door

3. You receive the product and go WOW!

After purchasing you will become a part of the Devow and Cooper families, you will become the cheerleaders for Téa and Belle brand and you will saying proudly that you are committed to reconciliation.

We will be sharing the whole journey with you (we are oversharer's), you will walk the journey of pre-production, manufacturing, the excitement of the delivering our first collection. Our commitment to you is you will know at all times where we are up too in making this vision a reality

In the Australian tradition let us have a crack at making this a reality.

Dion Devow

Sally Cooper

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