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Meet Téa and Belle

Meet Téa and Belle

These two budding entrepreneurs have teamed up with their dad (Téa) and mum (Belle) to create a socially conscious business.

Their aim for creating these products is that we are all in this together, that it starts with us to live in a multicultural Australia.

Téa "everyone get's to know all about my cool culture while we also try to help other kids who aren't as lucky as us."

Belle "people always think i'm aboriginal cause there are always lots of aboriginal and Torres Strait people at our house, I think that's cool cause they are lucky to have such a cool history and culture and i'm always included in all their family stuff which makes me happy"

When asked about how it was helping design these products the answer was "cool, but mum and dad aren't that cool and we needed to make these on-point."

The word "cool" is used a lot by these two. Mum and dad had to go and check out what "on -point" was :)

Téa and Belle are committed to giving a % of product to charity and they are currently going through the process of which charity they would like to choose. Check out Facebook live sessions with them on how they will be going about choosing the charity they would like to support.

Téa&Belle look forward in taking this Kidprenuer journey with you.

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