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We are all in this together

This site was made in response to the overwhelming support of individuals in Australia who filled out a survey for an assignment.

After discussing this with various family members, we have decided that we would like to make this a family business, two families, one indigenous and one non-indigenous. These two families are intermingled and have unique ties that bind.

The company is named after two gorgeous girls who are growing up together without prejudice of each others family histories They encapsulate all that is reconciliation. The Téa&Belle collection will highlight all that is good in contemporary Australia. This business is about moving forward while still looking back and acknowledging past hurts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The collection will try and highlight stories or facts of various Indigenous Nations culture and History. We, where at all possible will acknowledge the traditional owners.

When Téa and Belle were asked what they wanted from being the face of this brand, the answer was "We want people to truly love Australia's Indigenous history" and "we want everyone to be friends and be nice to one another". We think that is all that needs to be said really.

We hope that you like our products and enjoy the journey with us.


Devow & Cooper Families

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