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Téa & Belle, Our little Kookaburras

The word kookaburra is from the Wiradjuri Aboriginal word Guuguuburra, named for its sound of human laughter both our little girls were born on Wiradjuri country.

The kookaburra is a Kingfisher bird of a very different nature, he doesn’t eat fish as the name suggests but he is a a carnivore. He doesn’t drink much water either, Both our girls hate eating fish or drinking lots of water, no matter how much we nag.

Aboriginal legend says the kookaburra’s infamous songs of laughter each morning is a sign for the sky people to light the great fire that illuminates and warms the earth by day, the sun.

Our two little kookaburra's fill our days with joy and happiness, the spontaneous fits of giggles is one of life's great sounds

King Kookaburra is a sun god of sorts and bursts with male energy. There is an opposite element assigned to the kookaburra as rain and creeks become the kookaburras day spa as they love the water.

These two little kookaburras are old souls and we watch daily as they grow to be confident and spiritual young women, and talking of water, these two have been water babies since they where born.

With fire and water at the heart of the kookaburra’s spirit, this animal totem is a powerful one, bringing change and sentimental memories to the forefront of our lives. The kookaburra is a healer a healer of the past, helping to close and open new and old doors in our lives. He is not the bringer of change but the orchestra to accompany you on your new journeys of the self.

Welcome to Téa&Belle we hope that this totem will guide us and you to be the catalyst to affect change and reconciliation.

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