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The Packaging, making your purchase a magical one from start to finish.

To make your product be one that you will always remember giving or receiving, Téa&Belle wants this purchase to be a sensory and spiritual experience so that when you receive a Téa&Belle product you know that it comes from a place of a generosity of spirit.

From the moment that your purchase arrives, you can feel rewarded that we have acknowledged all indigenous nations it has travelled through to arrive at your door.

Our unique stamp "your product has travelled over many Indigenous Nations" will be showing all who see it as an educational and emotive tool to help in the process of acknowledgement and reconciliation.

When you open your Téa&Belle Purchase it is beautifully packaged in recycled washed Japarra cotton bag (that smells of our beautiful native eucalyptus trees) and is also reusable.

To make this gift of purchase one to remember it is then wrapped in our limited edition Téa&Belle Banksia and Kookaburra tissue paper.

You will receive a bespoke card that tells the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin of the word, phrases or stories associated with the product which then can be repurposed to send to a loved one as a postcard or to keep as a keepsake from a special occasion (i.e birth of a child, wedding, new job etc)

Furthermore, you can follow the journey of your purchase by following us on Facebook and Instagram where we will be regularly posting updates on all things Téa&Belle.

This is not just an everyday purchase this is an experience that we want you to treasure from start to finish.

From us to you with love,

Téa&Belle xx

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