February 11, 2018

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50 Amazing Tidda Queens

July 8, 2018

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The support crew

June 15, 2017


Someone once said that “You have to put yourself out there to discover that your dreams are indeed possible"


As parents and small business owners, we know the above is true.


So when our children and the broader members of our community started the discussion around Indigenous inspired gifts and clothing we knew we needed to put together a strong support team to make this a success.


When we were deciding to go ahead with this endeavour it was decided by our families that even though this is Téa&Belle's business the support team needed to have the key skills to support, nurture, protect and above all, provide the business skills to give this the best possible chance of success for Téa and Belle.


We want these girls to know that if you have a dream you should follow it. We want to empower these young women with a sense of self and that with hard work you have the ability to have strong conversations, do good and effect change.


But, what sort of support crew was helpful for them to become the best they can be?


Téa&Belle collective's crew needed a strong team that had the following key members:




Every person wants someone they can look up to. Someone who has gone before them and been a trailblazer, a reminder that they too can do extraordinary things, a source of guidance and inspiration.


As a mum and a dad, it is by osmosis that our kids look to us as their legends. Dion and I and our extended families want to keep inspiring our children and to always be their legends.





A tactician, the person in our lives that helps us make the best decisions to move forward with a goal and who also wants the same things as we do and who understands the challenges we will face and supports us 100%. 


These are the people who must focus on the details of how best to implement the overall strategy for the Tea&Belle brand.


From the kids who have been in our kinship care, other siblings, aunties, uncles and grandparents are all our tacticians, we all have the same goals. 




Success takes lots of resources. We need someone who connects us with the resources we need – people, finance, technical stuff and information. The person who can help us find new avenues and new allies.