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Australian animals 3 pack  - made with 100% organic cotton.


Our baby onesie three set tells stories about some of our most popular Australian animals. It includes the peekaboo koala, goodnight cheeky possums and woo-up wombat. 


These stories come from various Indigenous nations.


Goodnight Cheeky Possum Onesie

The goodnight cheeky possum onesie is inspired by the story of Bunya (Boon-ya) the possum. In the dreamtime, Bunya was a man that was turned into a possum by his elder brother, for climbing up a tree to hide instead of facing Tchingal the emu. If you look into the night sky you can see the stars that show Bunya the possum – the beautiful Southern Cross. This is a part of the dreamtime Gariwerd Creation Story.


Peekaboo Koala Onesie

In the dreamtime the Koala used to hang out with tree kangaroo. One time there was a drought with no water to be found anywhere. Tree kangaroo shared a family secret with koala about digging down deep to find water in a creek bed the way his mother used to. But instead of helping tree kangaroo help with the digging, koala kept finding excuses not to do the work. When tree kangaroo eventually found water, koala was suddenly not so tired and climbed quickly down from his tree and drank all the water up. Tree kangaroo wasn’t very happy about this and pulled koalas tail off to drag him away from the water. Be nice to each other kids, take turns, share and always be kind:)


Woo-up Wombat

The woo-up wombat onesie is inspired by the story of Publedina (aka the Drogerdy). Publedina was a furry animal that lived in the bush and liked to play tricks on humans. One day she played a trick on some hunters by scaring away the animals they were hunting. The hunters captured Publedina and buried her in the ground so she would not escape. But Publedina dug and dug and dug all night to escape and the spirit Moihernee told the hunters to leave her alone as she had outsmarted them. This is a part of the Tasmanian Aboriginal creation Story.


When purchasing the three set you also recieve a bespoke card that has the stories written as our gift to you.  This card can be paid forward as it is also a postcard for you to send to send in the spirit of reconciliation.

Our baby onesies are also available to purchase seaprately. 

Australian animals - 3 pack

  • Due to an overwhelming response from our first collection, Téa&Belle has re-opened the store for pre-Christmas orders. 


    Orders placed now will be delivered to you in either the first or second week of December, in time to wrap and place under the Christmas tree. 


    Please be advised that once an order has been processed, we are unable to amend or cancel, due to the processes we have in place.


    Shipping within Australia is FREE when you spend over $150 and a flat rate of $9.95 applies for orders under this value. We do not currently offer International Shipping. 


    Should you have any questions or wish to return an order, please contact us at


  • Garment is made with 100% combed organic cotton and professionally screen printed. Garment is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. 

    Garment is verified by the Fair Wear Foundation as being produced according to ethical codes of labour practice. 

    To maintain the quality of the design, machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle using a mild detergent.

    Tumble dry low or dry in the sun with love.

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